How To Get Involved In Making The Word Of God Unavoidable

1. Like & share the content on all your social media. Encourage other Christians to do join the effort.
2. Follow the pages and groups on social media sites, join the Fellowlabourers group, use the resources you find there. Comment away!
3. When you’re tempted to issue a flaming comment against something online, use an appropriate passage of scripture instead.
4. Display scripture inside & outside your house, on your car. As your avatars, profile pics, and cover photos. Put it everywhere!
5. Always be ready to give out a tract, but even more become a living tract (memorize scripture and know how to lead someone to Christ).
6. …to be continued.


Free Tracts: Fellowship Tract League (please donate)

Free Scripture Signs: Gospel Text Mission (please donate)

Free Custom Graphics: Roy Gregson is willing to create custom profile avatars and cover photos so long as the Word of God is prominently featured in it.